Salt Block Cooking Himalayan Salt Salt Lamps

Salt Block Cooking

Salt block cooking stones impart a slight taste of salt and about 75 minerals when created from Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Salt

Edible Himalayan salt contains about 75 minerals that are not found in other salt.

Salt Lamps

Providing measurable benefits and a soft warm glow to any room, a salt lamp is a welcome addition to your home.


to Salt Spring Spas. Our Himalayan salt products offer you good taste, great looks and a healthier way to live. From natural facial scrubs that you make yourself to a warm soft light that is easy on the eyes and may actually help you to breathe more easily, we're proud of our products and our great customer service. Salt lamps, natural sea salt and salt blocks on which to cook are just a few of the products that we offer at cost effective prices.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps offer a beautiful soft light to any room in the house. It's also said that salt lamps may be helpful for those who have respiratory problems and may be natural air cleansers.

Salt Pipes

Salt pipes are sometimes recommended by natural health care providers to be used by people who have respiratory problems. The salt air tends to help make breathing easier.

Edible Salt

Himalayan salt has more minerals than other types of more processed salt and does tend to make food taste better, perhaps because it is a less processed and more natural type of salt.

Salt Blocks

Cooking with salt blocks is much like cooking on a Japanese cooking stone. The food cooked on the salt block is tender and takes on just a mild salty taste that is delicious.

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